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AFP range

AFP range

Réf : AFP

High accuracy digital dielectric loss factor analyzer (tan d) to test the dielectric insulation used in medium and high voltage and manufacturing tests of all HV industrial equipment.

Main caracteristics

- Voltage range: 20 V à 100 kV
- Resolution Tan d: 1.10-5
- Accuracy Tan d: up to 2.10-4
- Resolution capacitance: 0,01 pF
- Accuracy capacitance: up to 0,1%

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Full description

After more than 80 years of design and manufacturing of all types of measuring bridges, including Schering Bridges, Vettiner also provides for twenty years a range of digital analyzers used to measure the dielectric loss factor and quick checks of medium and high voltage dielectric insulation.

The AFP range is based on a vector measurement of the voltage and current by measuring the amplitudes and phase shifts on these two parameters.
One of the major interests of their design lies in their measurement speed, almost instantaneous with sufficient accuracy for most quick checks on site where the tangent delta is often greater than or equal to 1.10-3.

The AFPs are primarily used by industrial manufacturers, repairers and operators of power and measurement transformers (monitoring of transformer oil), generators and power engines.

Depending on the application and user wishes, the AFP can be delivered in a rack to be integrated in test stations cabinets, cabinet rack on table or in waterproof laptop bag for mobile field applications inside industrial or operation sites.